We are proud to offer an amazing collection of high-quality pianos from the worlds finest manufacturers. Whether your music institution looking for a 9’ concert grand or a family in search of that perfect piano, our friendly staff of qualified piano specialist will listen to your needs and direct you to that perfect piano. For you online piano searching convenience, we are also excited to introduce you to the ultimate online piano gallery. In one place, you can learn about our brands, the piano types we offer, even the feature benefits of any piano we offer. From traditional Acoustic Pianos for the piano purest at heart, to digital pianos that offer cutting edge technology — perfect for the student, musician, even the hobbyist recreational player. You will even experience hybrid pianos that combine traditional acoustic pianos with cutting-edge digital technology — plus, if you have any question, please contact us where are always here to assist you.

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Digital Pianos
With advancements in technology you can get a great acoustic piano sound in a smaller package.
CL Series
Digital Pianos
The CL26 Digital Piano offers affordable style and performance for the budget-minded piano player. Featuring an Advanced Hammer Action, Harmonic Imaging 88-Key sampling and a damper pedal with half-pedal capability, the CL26 is the perfect digital piano for players looking for authentic touch, exceptional tone and a lightweight, slim-line design.
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